TapFresh Advent Calendar

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, so we're rewarding our customers with a totally unique Christmas gift...the TapFresh Advent Calendar!

25 beers for 25 days....we'll deliver 6 beers to you every 6 days (plus an extra one for Christmas Day!). These will be a selection of our favourite beers we brewed throughout 2020, plus some very special limited Christmas Beers - gingerbread stout anyone?!!

As a bonus, we'll have an email every week describing the 6 beers, how they were brewed, and even a podcast with myself and Josh tasting the beer (and maybe some special guest brewers!)

Because some of the beers are only 50 litre brews, there are only 100 available - so once they're gone, they're gone!!

Order now to confirm your TapFresh Advent Calendar - an amazing end to a crappy year!



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